Dear Fire District Patron:


Well, itís a New Year and time to renew your Twin Hills Fire Department Membership.Dues are still just $25.00 a year, per household (a non-members cost is $350.00 per hour, per truck).We understand that many of the insurance companies are now requiring proof of fire department membership; if you would like a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.We are sorry for this inconvenience but our budget cannot absorb this cost.


Each year we receive state operations money, usually around $2,400, for vehicle insurance, gas and operation of the fire department.Not only do we have a tough job of making finances stretch at $25.00 per household but when state operations money is short, gas is double and fire calls have tripled, we are depending ever so heavily on the Liberty Morris and Twin Hills Community on their fire department memberships.


In the Spring of 2006 we agreed to provide free fire service to Creek Citizens in return they would give Twin Hills Fire Dept a new 4X4 Grass Rig.The Creek Citizens will only need to show their CDIB card, when the fire department makes a run on their property.


In addition, the fire department has made great improvements in the past year with equipment, we just purchased a 2000 two-ton 4X4, this is something we are very proud of because it allows us to retire a 25 year old truck from the forestry, and this is all made possible with your support.


We have had problems with the 911 system in the past but are hopeful that things are moving forward.You can still call the Beggs Dispatcher directly at 267-4935.


It has been the community support and your contributions that have brought us where we are today and we want you to know your membership and contributions are greatly appreciated. If you have already paid your dues for this year, please disregard this letter.Should you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to call me, 758 7525. Twin Hills Fire Dept also has a website, (Twin Hills School website) and click o the Fire Dept link at the left.





Robert Pinkston

Fire Chief




Twin Hills Fire Department

Rural Fire Protection Subscription

7255 Twin Hills Road††† Okmulgee, OK 74447

JANUARY 1, 2007-DECEMBER 31, 2007



Please make check payable to Twin Hills Fire Dept.


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